Larry2I love capturing the play of light and shadow in my photographs. Although I am essentially a self-taught photographer, I have taken courses and workshops with various people.

I have had other careers, but always kept my interest in photogrphy. I have earned a number of awards, along with juried membership in both the League of New Hampshire Craftsmen and the New Hampshire Art Association.


My Process

I try to capture the “spirit of place” using available light. One can readily understand this phrase when looking at the natural world, but the spirit of place also exists in our non-natural world. I hope my photographs reveal it.

Photography is the capturing of light. Whether one uses a pinhole or a digital camera, the light image is captured on a medium (film or digital chip, for example), processed and printed. There are many options open to the photographer today. I still use film, although I process my images and print them digitally. Using Nikon cameras and scanning equipment, I capture the image, process the film, and scan it into the computer. I manipulate the image as one would in a traditional dark room and print the image using Epson Archival Pigmented Inks and printer. I prefer a digital darkroom to a traditional one for my health, the health of the environment, and for the longevity of the photo.

The life of the photographs is dependent upon the inks and paper used. Archival inks and papers are used to ensure the quality and longevity of the print. Its life may extend over 100 years if normal archival materials are used in the framing process, and proper display care is exercised.