Larry2I love capturing the play of light and shadow in my photographs. Although I am essentially a self-taught photographer, I have taken courses and workshops with various people.

I have had other careers, but always kept my interest in photogrphy. I have earned a number of awards, along with juried membership in both the League of New Hampshire Craftsmen and the New Hampshire Art Association.


My Process

Through traveling and interacting with other cultures, I have learned that we are more alike than different, but that it is our differences that are beautiful and maybe unique.  I am particularly drawn to those who celebrate spirituality and who live closer to the earth.

Many of my photographs are taken off the beaten track.  I like to wander and witness in an unobtrusive way.There is an adventure behind my photographs, but sometimes one image does not suffice to complete the story.  Layering several images can better capture place, people, and culture.  Sometimes I do this by collaborating with my wife, Victoria, who is an accomplished printmaker and artist.  I take a photograph of her mixed media drawing and layer it with one or more of my photographs. Together we share both our travels and joys through our work.

The life of the photographs is dependent upon the inks and paper used. Archival inks and papers are used to ensure the quality and longevity of the print if proper display care is exercised.